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ALLERGIES and MEALS (1 Questions)

1. Do I need to submit anything if my child has a food allergy?

Yes, please fill out the Allergy Form in theMenus and Documents section of School Nutrition on the right


1. Are there meal applications and money needed for meal purchases?

No Crisp County Schools operates under the CEP (Community Eligibility Provision). This means that students can select 1 breakfast and 1 lunch at no charge to the student each school day. Additional items can be purchased for very reasonable amounts like an extra hamburger, pizza slice or side. The prices are $1.50 for an extra entree. No charging is allowed so students can either have money available for that purchase or money can be put on their account for purchasing extra food items. See the parent news for details on how to put money into student accounts.
 • MEAL CHOICES (1 Questions)

1. What choices do my children get for lunch?

All schools have at least 2 menu choices. There is typically a hot menu item and sandwich choice.  PK-5  sandwich is a peanut butter and jelly or PBJ(soy butter and jelly for primary school because of severe peanut allergy students). K-12 students are all allowed to choose between different vegetables and fruits. They are also allowed to skip the milk choice.
PRE-K students are served a fruit, vegetable and milk in addition to the entree. 
Middle school and high school have a salad choice in addition to 2 other menu items. Due to time constraints, high school students are offered a pre-made salad and have some toppings they can add to those salads. The middle school students have more time so they are offered a salad bar daily.
Also middle school and high school have some fried food items like fried chicken and fries.

• MEALS and MONEY (1 Questions)

1. Do I need money for my child's meals?

No money is needed for meals. Crisp County Schools operates under the CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) and this means the first meal is picked up at NO CHARGE.
Students can get extra items, but must have money to pay or money in their accounts when they get to the register. See details on the Parent News web page. COVID restrictions are limiting the items that can be sold in addition to the meal served at no charge.