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Human Resources » Online Compliance Training

Online Compliance Training

Welcome to Crisp County Schools Online Compliance Training!

ComplianceDirector is a web-based, online training system which helps employees complete their critical mandated compliance related training activities. 

Training Modules:

1. Code of Ethics for GA Educators 
2. Mandated Reporting
3. Bloodborne Pathogens
4. Sexual Misconduct Reporting
5. Sexual Harassment 
6. Human Sex Trafficking
8. Ethical Use of Social Media
9. Parental Rights
10. Copyrights for Schools
11. Awareness Walks 
12. Suicide Awareness and Prevention
13. McKinney-Vento
14.Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness Prevention
15. Fraud, Waste, Abuse & Corruption (Under Custom Modules by System-Crisp)

Step One: Click on

Step Two: Click on Georgia

Step Three: Click on the module you have been requested to take (this may take the form of a Standard module or a future Custom module unique to your system)

Step Four: Your Username is Crisp County and your Password is wonderland (these will be used for all modules you take).

Step Five: Complete the training and assessment requested (modules are usually about 20 minutes long). You will need to register again at the end of each training module because you will be entering your name as a person who has successfully completed a particular module.

Step Six: When you have successfully completed a module, select your system’s name and then login. This last username and password will allow you to successfully register, thus creating a legal record that you have taken the training.

Your system registration username is:  Crisp County
Your system registration password is:  wonderland